Apple and Google Disagree on Cheese Placement in Cheeseburger Emoji

There are lots of feuds going on the world right now, but the most important feud is happening between Apple and Google. OK, maybe it's not the most important one, but it's an important topic, nonetheless.

Apple and Google can't agree on whether the cheese goes on top of a hamburger or below a hamburger, as demonstrated by their slightly different versions of the cheeseburger emoji. As Twitter user Thomas Baekdal pointed out, Apple's cheeseburger emoji places the cheese on top of the burger, while Google's places it on the bottom.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai retweeted the image, and asked the people of the internet for their input on the "correct way" to build a cheeseburger. While we have to wait until Monday for Google's final verdict on the disagreement, some major fast food companies weighed in on the pressing matter.

Burger King sides with the cheese being on top.

And Sonic Drive-In told Mashable that their cheese goes underneath the burger.

"At SONIC, the true star of our Cheeseburger is the 100% pure beef patty: placing it at the bottom allows for the flavor to hit our guest's palate first," said Lori Abou Habib, Sonic's vice president and chief marketing officer.

Wendy's is on team Wendy's and believes both options are wrong.

McDonald's enlisted Chef Mike Haracz to answer the question, and he's all for personal preference.

So, now we collectively wait for Google's answer. But in the meantime, let's just all agree that the cheese goes on top of the burger. Because duh.