A 10-Year-Old Unlocked His Mom's iPhone X With His Face

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Parents beware: If your kids look like you, they might be able to unlock your iPhone X with their faces. While this is excellent news for kids, it's obviously not great for parents.


Since it's release earlier this month, the reviews of the facial recognition feature on the iPhone X have been pretty good. Not many complaints. But apparently, if your face looks strikingly similar to someone else's, you can unlock their phone. Which is exactly what happened when 10-year-old Ammar Malik unlocked his mom Sana Sherwani's new iPhone X.


In a video the mom and son posted to YouTube, Ammar shows how he's easily able to unlock his mom's phone (then does dabs in celebration).

Take a look:

Apple claims there's only a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of someone else being able to break through. Looks like Apple may need to change that statistic.