Looks Like Apple Is Working on a Foldable Phone

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Well this is... different. Apple seems to be getting ready to channel the early '00s in a major way. According to Fast Company, Apple applied for a patent on a foldable phone back on September 22, 2016. Now, a little over a year later, the company has received the patent, and that means a throwback phone might be in the works.


The patent describes the phone as being an "electronic device" that can fold in both directions. The display can either fold in on itself, or it has the ability to fold in a way so both the front and back has a display.

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Imagine the Motorola Razr, but way better.


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Since Apple doesn't half-ass anything, chances are the phone is going to have the latest technology, along with a sleek design that'll make you want to throw out your iPhone X and carry around a little piece of nostalgia. Or not.