Turn Your Photos Into Works of Art Using This App

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Smartphones have made taking professional quality photos as easy as pressing a button. But with the Prisma app, you can turn those really great photos into works of art. Literally.

Prisma is a photo editor that transforms your photos and videos into works of art using the styles of famous artists, including Van Gogh, Picasso, and Levitan, among many others. Through a combination of neural networks and artificial intelligence, you can simply choose a filter to turn any photo into timeless art.

Here's a photo I took on my iPhone 8 Plus in portrait mode:

Image Credit: Jill Layton

And here's the photo after being altered in Prisma with two different artsy filters:

Image Credit: Jill Layton

Cool, right? If these particular filters aren't your style, there are tons more to choose from.

You can also clip the background on selfies, which leaves the person in the foreground (in a selfie situation, that would be you) regular while the background is transformed.

And then of course you can share the photos directly to social media. Because if a pic isn't shared on Instagram, did it even happen?

Download Prisma free for iOS and Android.