This App Will Store All Your Gift Cards, Freeing up Wallet Space

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Receiving gift cards feels so good at the time, because free money is fun. But free money doesn't come without challenges. Not only do you need to find a safe place to keep the cards, but you have to actually remember you have them. Naturally, the best place for them is in your wallet. But somehow the gift cards just pile up, and before you know it, your wallet is a lot thicker than it needs to be (#humblebrag).


The Wonder app can make your gift card life much easier, plus it can free up some serious wallet space. The app allows you to link your gift cards to your Visa or MasterCard. So, when you purchase something from, let's say Starbucks, you'll pay as usual, then you'll be credited back directly from the gift card within one to three business days.

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No more searching through your wallet or random junk drawers in your house to try and find a gift card that you aren't sure you even have anymore. Wonder will keep them all safe and sound in one digital spot.


You can also send digital gifts to friends and family through the app. They won't receive a plastic card, they'll just need to download the free app and their gift will appear. It's that simple.

Download Wonder for iOS and Android.