You Can Now Order From This Burger Chain Using Facial Recognition

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Burger chain Caliburger just got a high tech facelift. The company has launched a new point-of-sale system that allows customers to place their order with their faces, which could be a huge time saver for parents ordering for their picky kids.

To place an order, you'll use the facial recognition kiosks. The first time you use a kiosk, you'll be prompted to scan your face using NeoFace biometric facial recognition software, and the image of your face will then save to your account.

When you return and use the face scan, your previous order will automatically be brought up, and you'll have the option to quickly and easily reorder the same items. You can earn points (or Calicoins) toward free food every time you use the kiosk.

Unfortunately, you won't be able to pay using your face. The company hopes to replace credit cards with face-only payments sometime in 2018.

Here's how it works:

"Facial recognition is part of our broader strategy to enable the restaurant and retail industries to provide the same kinds of benefits and conveniences in the built world that customers experience with retailers like Amazon in the digital world," said John Miller, chairman and CEO of Cali Group, in a statement.

While Caliburger restaurants can be found all over the world, the kiosks are being tested at only one store in Pasadena. But if customers provide positive feedback, the company plans to expand the facial recognition technology to its stores throughout the U.S. and internationally.