Live Like the Jetsons With This Household Robot Assistant


The time has finally come to live like the Jetsons with your very own Rosie the Robot. San Francisco based company Aeolus Robotics introduced a working prototype of a household robot assistant at CES 2018.

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The robot, referred to as Aeolus Robot, can pick up clutter around your house, vacuum your floors, locate lost items, and watch over your home when you're not there. It can even bring you coffee in the morning and have dinner ready when you get home.

Aeolus acts as a security robot by learning your face through its cams and by letting you know when someone or something is out of place. It's mobile, so it can patrol your house as if it's an actual security guard. Aeolus even has Amazon's assistant Alexa built in so you can talk to it.


Through artificial intelligence technology, the robot continuously learns about your life, the things in your home, and your likes and dislikes, independently improving how it serves you and your family.

Aside from it being ginormous, the only downside is the price, which hasn't even been announced. All the company has said is that it'll cost less than a family vacation overseas. Yikes. But it might be worth the money to have your very own Rosie the Robot.

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