Netflix Has a Hack to See the First Show You've Ever Binged

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Netflix is good for two things: to binge watch shows and then to binge watch more shows. Throw some movies, a couch, and some snacks in there too, and you've got yourself the perfect Netflix scenario.


Just like any good life partner, Netflix knows what you like. It knows that you like your shows, but it also recognizes you like to reminisce about your past. Specifically, the shows you watched when Netflix first made its way into your life. For some, that was 10 years ago (before binge-watching was even a thing).

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Netflix has a hack to see the very first show you marathoned. Or if you weren't into marathon-watching just yet, you can see the very first movie or episode you watched. Either way, it's a fun little hack to get your daily dose of nostalgia.


All you need to do is go to Netflix, click on your account page in the upper right hand corner, go to the "my profile" section, and click on "viewing activity." Then scroll all the way down to the bottom. (Depending on how long you've subscribed to Netflix, that could take a minute).

You'll find something along these lines:

From there, you'll either be pretty proud of your younger self's taste in content... or slightly embarrassed.