How to Delete Purchase History on a DirecTV DVR

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The "Purchases" option on a DirecTV DVR allows users to view any pay per view items that have been selected from the device. The history of every purchase is listed in the Purchase page and users can also choose to cancel any upcoming purchasing. However, in order to remove the entire purchase history, you must reset the entire system for the DVR, restoring it to factory settings. Resetting the DVR will also delete any parental controls, saved recordings and items from the Favorite Channels list.


Step 1

Press the "Thumbs Down" button on your remote three times and then press the "Enter" button to enter the "Restart or Reset System" menu screen.

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Step 2

Press the "Info" button three times and then press the "Down" button on your DVR player if you don't want to use the remote.


Step 3

Press the "Down" button on your remote or DVR player and select the "Clear and delete everything" option. Press the "Enter" button.

Step 4

Enter the parental control password if you have one set up on your DVR to continue. Verify that you want to reset your DVR player by pressing the "Enter" button.



Step 5

Wait for the resetting process to complete, which can take more than one hour. When complete, you will need to set up your DVR the same way you did the first time you used it.




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