Hire Someone to Plow Your Snow Using This Convenient App

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It's cold. Like, really cold. If you live in the midwest or on the east coast, this isn't news to you. Along with the cold comes the snow, and along with the snow comes you ... on your driveway ... in full snow gear ... shoveling away.


Snohub is an app that'll make the snow a little more bearable. Snohub will send someone out to plow your driveway and pathways, and they'll even throw down some salt upon request. It's a great way to help out an elderly relative or friend without getting out there yourself and shoveling.

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Download the free app for iOS or Android, then sign up and select your location, the size of your driveway and pathway, and indicate the job you want done. (Do you want them to shovel, blow, use a snow blower, lay down ice, etc.?)


Using the service is a little pricey (upwards of $80 for a medium-sized driveway with salt), but if there's at least 6 ft of snow on the ground, it just might be worth it.