People of the Internet Are Obsessed With the Florida Man Challenge

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Sometimes the internet provides us with the the tiny life distractions we need, and the Florida Man Challenge does exactly that.


Florida is known to be a state where people commit really unusual crimes. In fact, so many odd crimes have been committed, there's seemingly a bizarre headline for every day of the year—which is exactly how the Florida Man Challenge was born.

Video of the Day

Simply Google "Florida Man" plus your birthday to reveal a headline about a bizarre crime or stunt that Florida man has committed on your birthday. You'll find headlines like "Florida man accused of assaulting roommate with a slice of pizza," "Florida man dressed as Fred Flintstone pulled over for driving drunk," and "Florida man put semen in coworker's water."


There's literally one for everyone. It's absurd and hilarious, and of course the people of the internet can't get enough.

Florida has public-record laws that make arrest reports and mugshots available to anyone, which is why the Florida media can cover such oddly specific stories about Florida men.