An Alcohol Delivery App With No Fees or Minimums? Yes, Please

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There's always a reason to need last-minute alcohol. Whether you're having a party and didn't grab enough beer, or if you forgot that you need bring a bottle of wine to a friend's house for dinner, or if you just want a drink after work. Whatever the occasion, Saucey will bring you what you need.


Saucey is an alcohol delivery service that promises to arrive within 30 minutes. Not only is 30 minutes a ridiculously fast time frame, but the app also doesn't charge any fees or minimums. So, you're literally just paying the cost of the alcohol.

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Search for whatever type of alcohol you want within the app, and it'll direct you to a local spot that has your beverage in stock. The person ordering has to be at least 21, and same goes for whoever accepts the delivery.


So far, the app is only available in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Brooklyn, Dallas, Oakland, Sacramento, San Diego, and Chicago. If you live outside of the delivery zones, unfortunately, you'll have to go to the store or use another service. Or you can move. (Honestly, it might be worth it). If you live in one of the select cities, Saucey will deliver to your house, office, birthday party, wedding, wherever.


Real-time tracking allows you to keep tabs on when your order will arrive, because when you need wine, you need it now.

Download Saucey free for iOS and Android.



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