Netflix Will Stop Working on Older Roku Players Soon

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If you're using an old Roku player to stream Netlix, you're going to need to upgrade if you want to continue using it.


Netflix has announced that, starting on December 1st, its streaming app will no longer work with old Roku players.

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Roku confirmed that Netflix will no be available on these models: Roku 2050X, Roku 2100X, Roku 2000C, Roku HD Player, Roku SD Player, Roku XR Player, and Roku SD Player.


You should receive an alert if your device is affected, but according to Cord Cutters News, if your Netflix app doesn't auto-play the next episode in a series, it's time to upgrade.

So, if you don't already own a more modern TV or game console that supports apps, now's the time to do it. Or you can stick with Roku devices, which start at $30.