Twitter Now Supports Turning iOS Live Photos Into GIFs

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Whether you take Live Photos on your iPhone on purpose or by accident, it's a pretty cool feature that doesn't have a lot of support from other services. Twitter to the rescue—the social media platform is giving your Live Photos a new place to shine by turning any uploaded Live Photo into a GIF.


If you're unfamiliar with Live Photos, when the feature is activated on an iPhone or iPad, it records 1.5 seconds of 15fps video before and after a photo is taken. It works well when you're taking photos of kids or pets, because they tend to move around a lot, and the more footage you have, the better chance you have of getting a decent pic.

The new feature is easy to use. Just upload your Live Photo to Twitter and tap the new GIF button. And voila—you'll have a fun GIF to share.

So, now your accidental Live Photos can actually serve a purpose.