How to Create a Link to Send Photos

By Paul Higgins

Learn how to upload a photo to an online photo sharing platform and create a link to share that image with friends or colleagues.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital Photos

Uploading a photo to an online photo sharing platform lets you share that image with friends or colleagues without having to own your website. While there are many photo sharing websites on the Internet, Imgur, TinyPic and Photobucket are free and provide you with a shareable link to your uploaded pictures.


Most photo sharing websites require you to enable JavaScript. Either enable scripting in your browser before visiting such a site or add an exception to your browser's script blocker.

Upload a Photo to Imgur

Step 1

Visit the Imgur home page and click Upload Images to open a pop-up frame.

Imgur home page with Upload Images button highlighted.

Step 2

Click Browse your computer to select a file from your hard drive. Alternatively, enter a Web address pointing to an image or drag-and-drop a file.

Upload Images pop-up frame with Browse Your Computer highlighted.

Step 3

Select Start Upload. After the upload is complete, a new page appears, containing a URL you can use to share the image.

Start Upload button highlighted in the Upload Images frame.


Create an album by uploading multiple files and selecting Create Album.

Upload a Photo to TinyPic

Step 1

Visit the TinyPic home page and click the Choose File button. Select an image file from your computer and click the Upload Now button.

TinyPic home page, with Choose File and Upload Now buttons highlighted.


In addition to uploading images, TinyPic also lets you post videos or shorten URLs.

Step 2

Enter the CAPTCHA text and click the Upload Now button to finish uploading the image to TinyPic. On the next page, write down your uploaded photo's URL or copy it to your clipboard.

CAPTCHA security code and Upload Now button.

Upload a Photo to Photobucket

Step 1

Visit the Photobucket home page and click the Start Uploading button.

Photobucket home page with Start Uploading button highlighted.


Unlike Imgur or TinyPic, Photobucket requires you to create a free account before uploading photos. Alternatively, log in to Photobucket by using your Facebook account.

Step 2

Click the Upload button after logging in to your account.

Upload button on the Photobucket account page.

Step 3

Select Choose Photos & Videos to upload a single photo or Choose folders to upload the contents of an entire folder.

Photobucket Upload page with Choose Photos & Videos button highlighted.

Step 4

Click View Uploads and select the photo you just uploaded. You can find the URL pointing to that photo in the sidebar, under Share Links.

View Uploads button on Photobucket.