Over $32 Million Has Been Raised so Far on Facebook for Australia's Wildfires

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As Australia's massive bushfires continue to burn, donations from one extraordinary fundraiser keep pouring in.

Celeste Barber, an Australian comedian and actress, created a fundraiser on Facebook on January 3rd to help the communities affected by the fires. People from all over the world have donated, with the funds reaching over $32 million so far (around $46 million AUS).


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The money raised will go to the PayPal Giving Fund, which will distribute the funds to The Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund. Normally, it could take several weeks for the money to be distributed, but PayPal has said it will expedite the process.

The fires began in the Australian states of Queensland and New South Wales back in September, fueled by a long and intense period of drought. They have since spread across the continent, burning 15 million acres, killing at least 24 people and more than 800 million animals, and causing thousands of people to be evacuated.


Click here to donate to Barber's fundraiser.



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