Google Just Made Online Shopping Easier

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Google is making your online shopping experience a little easier. Now when you do a Google search for clothes, shoes, and accessories, you'll no longer receive a long list of links to online stores. Instead, the most popular products from the web will be featured in a new section when you search on your mobile device, making it easy to browse lots of different stores and brands at once.


So, if you're looking for a jacket for your kid, dark jeans for yourself, or a brown suede purse, style options from lots of different stores will appear so you can look through them without going from link to link.

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You can filter through items by style, department, and size type, or take a look at multiple images of a product. If you want to learn more about an item or if you want to make a purchase, you can visit the store's website. You'll also have quick access to reviews.


The new feature is available now.



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