This Online Tool Helps Survivors of Domestic Violence Receive Compensation

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As a survivor of domestic violence, your healing should happen on your terms—when you're ready and however you need it to happen. In the meantime, if escaping your situation has caused you financial burden (the cost of relocating, medical bills, and everything else you've had to financially endure), there's an app that can help you receive the compensation and economic justice you deserve.

Compensation Compass by FreeFrom is an online tool and non profit organization that helps survivors of domestic violence recoup some of the money lost while escaping physical, sexual, psychological, or financial abuse. The tool provides free financial services to help survivors understand their options and go after money they're legally eligible for in order to help cover the cost of the harm they've experienced.

To get started, visit the Compensation Compass site. You'll need to answer a series of logistical questions, including the state you live in, how much time you're willing to spend attempting to receive your compensation, your timeframe, whether or not you can afford to pay any fees, how much compensation you're seeking, and if you're willing to be in the same courtroom as the person who harmed you.

Based on your compensation goals, a Compensation Mindset is then assigned, which lets you know the best route for your objectives—from criminal restitution to small claims court. Based on the state you live in, the tool provides step-by-step instructions on how to seek compensation, informs you about deadlines, offers eligibility information, and tells you what to expect as you go through the process.

In case you're still trying to escape an abusive situation, there's a quick exit button on the site that immediately takes you to The Weather Channel site.

Over 150,000 users from 44 states have received compensation using the Compensation Compass tool so far. Click here to get started or to learn more.