Facebooks Adds Even More Parental Controls to Messenger Kids

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Messenger Kids has always had pretty solid parental controls, and those controls keep expanding. Facebook just announced more ways for parents to manage their child's experience the app.

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Accessible through the Messenger Kids Parent Dashboard in the Facebook iOS and Android apps, parents now have access to even more features that allow them to keep tabs on what their kids are doing on Facebook.

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Here are the updates:

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Recent Contacts and Chat History

You can see who your child is chatting with and how often, as well as if they are just sending messages or also video chatting.

Log of Images in Chats

Now you have access to the most recent photos and videos your child has sent and received in their inbox. If you see something inappropriate, you can remove it from the message thread and report it.

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Reported and Blocked Contacts History

If your child reports, blocks, or unblocks someone, you can see who and the reason for the action. You can also continue to be notified via Messenger if you child blocks or reports someone.

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Remote Device Logout

Use the parent dashboard to keep track of all the devices your child has used to log into Messenger Kids, and you can log out of any of the devices as needed.

Download Your Child’s Information

Request a copy of your child's Messenger Kids information, which includes a list of contacts, and all the messages, images, and videos they have sent and received. Your child will be notified through the Messenger Kids app when you request this information.

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All the new features can be accessed through the Parent Dashboard by tapping the shortcut menu in the Facebook app and scrolling to the Messenger Kids icon.