Find Local Black-Owned Restaurants to Support Using This App

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Protests have been raging throughout the U.S. following the killing of George Floyd at the hands of a police officer. There are several ways to join the fight against systematic racial inequalities, including taking part in protests, calling your elected officials, signing online petitions, and donating to organizations combatting racial injustices.

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Another way to be an active ally for the black community is by supporting local black-owned businesses. Since you likely already order takeout or delivery, start ordering from restaurants founded by black entrepreneurs.

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EatOkra is an app that works as a directory for black-owned restaurants. It's an efficient way to support local black business while also finding new restaurants you may have never patronized.

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The app offers a guide to over 2,500 restaurants throughout the country. You can search your location or the specific cuisine you're in the mood to eat, then select the restaurant you're interested in, and choose if you want delivery or directions. If you choose delivery, a list of delivery apps that work with the restaurant will pop up.

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"Fueled by the energy surrounding so many on-going discussions on the preservation of black lives and black spaces, eatOkra started as just a conversation about our desires to give something of substance back to our community," co-founders Anthony and Janique Edwards explain on the website. "We chose food because food is customary. Nothing embodies this idea of community more than the act of feeding someone or coming together to eat or be fed."

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