Amazon Will Fight Counterfeiting by Listing Names of Legit Sellers

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In an effort to fight counterfeiting, Amazon is going to start publicly listing the names and addresses of third-party sellers on its Marketplace platform.


In a message sent to sellers this week, Amazon noted that the change will go into effect on September 1st, according to a report from Business Insider.

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"These features help customers learn more about the businesses of a seller and the products that they are selling," the message reads. "We are making this change to ensure there is a consistent baseline of seller information to help customers make informed shopping decisions."


Sellers won't be able to remain anonymous on Marketplace anymore, as the new policy will give customers direct access to the names of the people and companies and where they're located.

The list will help customers make informed decisions on whether they want to buy something from a third-party seller or not. Of course, customers will have to look at the list to know a legit seller from a counterfeiter.