Zoom Launches a Touchscreen Device for Those Working From Home

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As you already know, you can hop on a Zoom call from your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop. You just need to connect to the internet and put on a shirt—no pants needed. But if you're working remotely indefinitely, and prefer something a little fancier and more streamlined for Zoom meetings, you're in luck.


Zoom announced a new appliance called Zoom For Home — DTEN ME, a 27-inch ultra-thin portable touchscreen device that comes equipped with three smart webcams and eight built-in noise-reducing microphones, and it's preloaded with the Zoom software.

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The DTEN gives you quick access to your scheduled meetings, contacts, whiteboards, and annotation. You can also sync your calendar, keep tabs on your upcoming meetings. and share your screen.


"With employers and employees working through what the future of work will look like, it is important that people feel set up for success," said Rich Costello, Senior Research Analyst, IDC. "Three months ago, it was making sure employees had the right ergonomic setup. "We've now moved to the phase of making sure employees have the right devices to enable productivity. The Zoom from Home category is a powerful way for the company to reach a work-from-home audience that craves tools to help with engagement, connection and collaboration."

Zoom for Home - DTEN ME is available for pre-order now for $599 and is expected to ship in August 2020.