How to Keep the iPhone Wallpaper Screen on Longer

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One of the features iPhone users enjoy is the ability to customize the iPhone's settings. iPhone users are able to place wallpaper on their phones, so that the first thing they see when picking up their phones is an image of their choosing. In order to make the wallpaper display stay on longer, you must change the phone's settings.


Step 1

Push the circular button at the bottom of the iPhone in the center.

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Step 2

Slide the bar that appears on the bottom of the page to the right to unlock the iPhone.

Step 3

Find the "Settings" application; the icon looks metallic and has three gears on it. Press this icon.


Step 4

Find the "General" icon in the "Settings" menu, which icon looks the same as the "Settings" icon and is the seventh icon from the top, just above the "Mail, Contacts, Calendars" icon. Tap your finger on the "General" icon.

Step 5

The fifth option listed on the "General" screen is "Auto-Lock". Next to "Auto-Lock", there should be an amount represented in minutes, between one and five. Tap "Auto-Lock."



Step 6

Choose one of the time limits on the list. For example, if you had the Auto-Lock set to one minute on the previous screen, tap on "Two minutes" instead. You can also choose "Three minutes", "Four minutes" or "Five minutes."

Step 7

Turn your iPhone off by holding in the button on the top of the phone as well as the Home button. After the phone shuts down, push the button on the top of the phone again to turn the iPhone back on.

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