This Kickstarter Product Keeps Your Cats Hydrated

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Cats do what they want, when they want to. They don't need humans telling them when it's time to potty, eat, or drink—but they do need humans to supply the food and water.


KittySpring is a water fountain for cats that's currently crowdfunding on Kickstarter. It has already raised almost $300,000, far surpassing its $10,000 goal. Clearly, people love their cats and are tired of getting up several times a day to give them more water.

The wide and shallow water bowl is designed to allow cats to drink without their whiskers brushing up against it and causing whisker stress, which is a thing that can make cats stop drinking altogether.


KittySpring holds enough water to keep your cat hydrated for two days, which means you won't need to worry about refilling the bowl as often as you have been. The water automatically comes out of the center for refilling. A non-slip pad is attached to the bottom, and it can't be easily knocked over by frisky paws.

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