Show Your Support for USPS With These Fun Phone Accessories

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As the future of the United States Postal Service remains uncertain, there's no better time than right now to show your support.


CASETiFY and USPS teamed up to create a line of phone accessories that directly benefit USPS. The new USPS collection celebrates the USPS employees who tirelessly deliver our mail and packages—even during a global pandemic.

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The collection includes protective phone cases for iPhone 7 through iPhone 12, AirPod and AirPod Pro cases, Apple Watch bands, and grip stands. Plus, you can buy a CASETiFY x USPS sweatshirt.

Here are some of the accessories:

USPS Priority Mail Tape - $45+


USPS Airbill Custom - $45+ (customizable with your name and address)

USPS Sweatshirt - $80


USPS Logo AirPods Pro Case - $35

USPS Airbill AirPods Case - $35


USPS Eagle Apple Watch Band - $40

USPS Priority 2-in-1 Grip Stand - $25