This Website Removes the Clutter From Recipe Sites

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Some of the best recipes can be found on blogs and websites, but to get to the actual directions and ingredients, you often have to scroll through the writer's entire life story. We get why that's a nice touch and important for getting paid, etc., but when you're elbow deep in flour and eggs, do you really need to know the story of how someone's grandmother sold newspapers at the local train station, met a man and fell in love, and together bought an apple orchard, which ultimately led to the apple tart recipe you're trying to freaking make? Probably not.


Just the Recipe is a website that lets you enter the URL for whatever recipe you want, then uses internet magic (AKA algorithms) to show you only the list of ingredients, estimated prep time, the number servings it makes, and step-by-step directions.

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It isn't always accurate, as sometimes it'll tell you to add one serving of salt instead of salt "to taste," so just be aware that if something looks like it doesn't make sense, it probably doesn't. But mostly the site does a great job of finding all the info you need and putting it in the right order.


Just the Recipe isn't going to change your life, but it will absolutely make cooking and baking a heck of a lot less frustrating.



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