You Can Now Have Google Photos Shipped to Your Home

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Google announced a more convenient way to print your photos. Now, instead of printing your photos and picking them up at your local CVS, Walmart, or Walgreens as the company previously required, you can print them and have them shipped directly to your home.


Individual prints cost as low as $0.18, depending on the size you order. Google has expanded the options to now include 11x14, 12x18, 16x20, and 20x30-inch sizes, along with 4x6, 5x7 and 8x10-inch options that have always been available.

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If you want a canvas print, they're also now available in larger sizes — 8x10, 16x16, 20x30, 24x36, 30x40, and 36x36-inches, in addition to the 8x8, 11x14, and 16x20-inch options that were previously available.


Previously, if you wanted prints sent to your home by Google Photos, you had to pay for the company's $6.99 a month photo subscription that sends 10 cardstock photos every month.

Google Photos really does make it easier to organize your photos and search for ones you want to find from the past. So, if you're a Google Photos user, this update is only going to make things even easier.