Baby Shark Officially Surpasses 10 Billion Views on YouTube

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Baby Shark isn't just an annoying viral video and song that your kids were once obsessed with (or maybe still are?). It's officially the first YouTube video to surpass 10 billion views. Yes, you read that correctly — that's billion... with a B.


Back in Nov. 2020, Baby Shark became the most viewed YouTube video of all time, and it just hit an even bigger milestone. Ten billion views is hard to fathom. Do that many people like Baby Shark? Or are the same kids watching the video over and over again? We all know how relentless kids can be with videos they like. Either way, it's a pretty big achievement for a shark... a baby one, at that.


The video came out in 2015, and it's pretty much been stuck in everyone's heads ever since. In fact, it was so successful, the creators turned it into a show on Nickelodeon. There's even a Baby Shark movie called "Pinkfong and Baby Shark's Space Adventure."

In case you haven't seen it or just need a refresher, here's the video: