A List of Clever WiFi Names You're Going to Want to Use

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Coming up with a clever or funny WiFi name isn't essential when you're setting up a new router — or even changing the name on an existing one. After all, you, your family, your immediate neighbors, and visitors who request your WiFi info are the only ones who will see it. But is it worth it just to make them laugh? Absolutely.


Since coming up with a hilarious WiFi name on the spot isn't easy for everyone, we put together a list of some clever, funny, and smart WiFi names and puns so everyone will know you're the fun neighbor.

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Clever WiFi names that'll make the internet more fun

  1. Skynet
  2. Pretty Fly for a WiFi
  3. 99 Problems But Wi-Fi Ain't One
  4. Keep it on the download
  5. It burns when IP
  6. Byte me
  7. Bill Clinternet
  8. Do Re Mi Fa So La Wi Fi
  9. Tell my WiFi I love her
  10. Kentucky WiFried Chicken
  11. WiFight when you can negotiate
  12. Don't Mesh with Texas
  13. The Silence of the LAN
  14. The Hotshot
  15. Bob DyLAN
  16. Router Ranger
  17. Winona Router
  18. Mom use this one
  19. Martin Router King Jr
  20. Peek a Bluetooth
  21. I believe Wi can Fi
  22. Dora the Internet Explorer
  23. Marty McWiFi
  24. We can hear your music
  25. Loading...
  26. House LANister
  27. Winternet is Coming
  28. Lag Out Loud
  29. LAN Solo
  30. HideYoKidsHideYoWiFi
  31. Bill Wi the Science Fi
  32. Everyday I'm buffering
  33. Routy McRouterface
  34. Happy WiFi Happy LiFi
  35. Modem Family
  36. Missed Connections
  37. No internet access
  38. The LAN Down Under
  39. Mow your lawn
  40. AOL Dialup
  41. Nacho WiFi
  42. Bring snacks for password




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