How to Watch Apple's iPhone 14 Event on Wednesday

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It's finally here — the big Apple event where Tim Cook and others will reveal the new iPhones. On Wednesday, Sept. 7 at 10 a.m. PT/1 p.m. ET, Apple's "Far Out" event is expected to drop four new iPhones, along with at least one new Apple Watch and other updated devices.


If you've been counting down the days and want to tune into the event so you can see the big reveals live, there are a few different ways to watch.

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How to watch the iPhone 14 event

There are a few ways to watch the event, the most obvious being Apple's website. When it's time for the event to start, pop on over to to watch. The company suggests using Safari to stream the event if you're watching on its website.


Another option is Apple's official YouTube channel where you can watch on any device that has WiFi access, including a smart TV. If you prefer to watch on your TV, you can also stream the live event from the Apple TV app so you see the new iPhones up close and personal.


The event is sure to fill us in on all the new devices as well as dates for their release. Tune in if you want to! Or don't — it'll be all over the news mere minutes after the announcements.



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