How to Uninstall the Weather Channel App

By Paul Higgins

Delete the Weather Channel app from your device from the Control Panel's Add/Remove Programs feature under Windows 7 or from your Start Screen under Windows 8. In addition, you can also remove the app from a mobile device by using your phone or tablet's built-in uninstall feature.

Windows 7

Quit the program and open the **Start** menu. Select **Control Panel** and double-click the **Add/Remove Programs** icon. Select **The Weather Channel** from the list of installed programs and click the **Change/Remove** button to uninstall the application.

Windows 8

Open the Start Screen and right-click the **The Weather Channel** tile. Select **Uninstall** from the contextual menu and click **Uninstall* in the confirmation dialog box to finish removing the app from your computer.

Mobile Devices

To remove the application from an Android device, open the **Settings** app and select **Apps.** Tap **The Weather Channel** and select **Uninstall.**From an iOS device such as an iPhone or an iPad, long-press the app's icon in your Home screen until the icons on your screen start shaking. Tap the **X** at the top-left of the app's icon to delete it from your device. Press **Delete** to finish removing the app.On a Windows Phone 8 device, locate the Weather Channel app from the All Apps view, then long-press the icon and select **Uninstall** from the context menu.