How to Disable the Camera on an iPhone

By Steve Gregory

Use your iPhone's Restrictions feature to disable the device's camera. In addition, prevent other apps from accessing the camera through the Privacy screen.

Enable the Restrictions feature on your iPhone to disable use of the device’s camera. Preventing access to the camera from the Restrictions screen removes the Camera app from your iPhone’s Home screen and prevents anyone who doesn't have the Restrictions passcode from using the app. To prevent other apps from accessing the Camera, remove their permissions by changing the Privacy settings in iOS.

Disable the Camera

Step 1

Open the Settings screen and then select the General option to open the General screen.

Step 2

By default, the Restrictions feature is disabled.

Scroll down the General screen and tap Restrictions to open the Restrictions screen.

Step 3

The option to turn on the Restrictions feature is at the top of the screen.

Tap Enable Restrictions to open the Set Passcode screen.

Step 4

Enter a passcode for access to the Restrictions feature in the future.

Set a four-digit Restrictions passcode.

Step 5

Confirm the Restrictions passcode.

Re-enter the passcode to open the Restrictions screen.


If you can't remember your Restrictions passcode, resetting your iPhone to factory settings — and setting it up as a brand-new device — is the only way to erase the passcode and regain access to the camera app.

Step 6

Toggle the Camera button to disable the camera.

Slide the Camera button in the Allow section to the left to the Off position.

Step 7

You need to confirm that you want to disable the camera.

Tap OK on the pop-up box to confirm that you want to disable the Camera app. In addition, turning off the Camera app also disables the FaceTime app.


Instead of disabling the Camera app to prevent other people from using the camera, consider setting up a passcode on your iPhone to stop anyone from accessing your device.

Remove Camera Permissions

Step 1

Tapping Privacy opens the Privacy screen.

Select Privacy on the Settings screen to open the Privacy screen.

Step 2

Open the Camera screen by tapping Camera.

Tap Camera to open the Camera screen and display the list of apps that have access to your iPhone's camera.

Step 3

Manage the apps that can access the camera from this screen.

Slide the button next to each application that you don't want to access the camera to the Off position.


Only apps that have prompted for your permission to access the camera appear on the Camera screen.