How to Block My Cell Phone Number So Others Can't See It When I Call Out

Caller ID is useful, but it can also be intrusive.

By default, cellphones usually transmit their phone numbers to call recipients when making call. When the phone rings on the other line, it alerts the recipient that you are calling, or at the very least, that your number is calling. While this is handy, it can also be a threat to personal privacy in certain situations. However, blocking your number from appearing in their caller ID display is a simple and effective process to protect your privacy when needed.

Block Caller ID on All Calls

Step 1

Call your cellphone provider's customer service line by dialing 611 from your wireless handset.

Step 2

Enter your account identifying information such as your phone number, billing ZIP code or Social Security number when prompted.

Step 3

Press the appropriate number to speak with a customer service agent. On most systems, you can usually press "0." If necessary, press the number that corresponds with the reason for your call, if requested.

Step 4

Inform the customer service agent that you wish to have caller ID blocking enabled on your account.

Step 5

Power-cycle re-program your handset if the representative instructs you to. He will provide instructions on how to do this.

Your phone will now no longer transmit its phone number when making a call.

Block Caller ID to Specific Numbers Only

Step 1

Dial * 67 into your phone's dial pad, followed by the phone number you wish to call with the caller ID blocked, area code first.

For example, *67555-555-5555.

There is no charge to use this feature.

Step 2

Press the "send" or "call" key to initiate the call. "Unavailable" or "Private" will display on the receiving party's caller ID display instead of your phone number.

Step 3

Press "end" when you're done with the phone call.

Things You'll Need

  • Cellphone

  • Pen or pencil

  • Notepad


Some types of phone numbers do not accept blocked caller ID calls. These include 800 and 900 numbers, and emergency lines that include 911.