Bubble Wrap for Sound Reduction

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Designing a sound studio with good sound reduction material can be rather expensive. However, you can create inexpensive, less professional studios with other material used for the sound reduction instead of the typical foam. One of these materials is bubble wrap.

Purchase the bubble wrap

You will need a large amount of bubble wrap to soundproof the room. To get this material you will probably need to go to either an office supply store or a a package store. At these locations you can typically find large rolls of bubble wrap. To make sure you are purchasing enough bubble wrap you may want to measure your walls and ceiling to see just how much wrap will be needed to complete the sound reduction project.


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Install the bubble wrap

You will need some sort of adhesive to connect the bubble wrap to the wall. You can either use glue or some double-sided tape. It all depends on if you care about the wall behind the bubble wrap. If you don't mind paint damage, use glue because it will hold better and you can apply it easier. However, if you want to keep the paint damage to a minimum, go with strong double-sided tape. Apply the adhesive to all corners of the flat side, as well as he middle of the strip of bubble wrap. Stick the bubble wrap against the the wall so the flat side is against the wall. Try not to press on the bubbles when pushing against the wall, because you do not want to pop the bubbles. Continue this process until all of the walls and ceiling are completely covered.




Because the bubble wrap is full of air, it will eventually lose much of its air, which in turn will lose its sound reduction qualities. When this begins to happen you will probably need to start replacing the bubble wrap with new sheets. Only replace one sheet at a time. The walls will probably need to be replaced before the ceiling, because of all the exposure to movement and being brushed against.



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