Can I Get Hulu on My TV?

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Your TV offers better viewing for Hulu than a laptop.
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The Hulu streaming-video service makes shows from most broadcast networks available online. If you're watching on your computer, Hulu shows are free. To stream it to your television or to any device other than your computer, you need to upgrade to the subscription service, Hulu Plus.


Technology Options

Gaming devices such as Xbox One, Nintendo Wii and PlayStation 4 can connect your TV to Hulu, as can Roku, the Amazon Fire TV, Google Chromecast and Apple TV. Internet-enabled televisions and Internet-connected Blu-ray DVD players can also provide the connection you need.


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Limits of Streaming

If you're looking for a specific show to stream to your television, you may be out of luck. Hulu's content providers sometimes bar certain shows they let Hulu air on the Internet from being streamed to televisions or tablets. If you visit the Hulu page for a specific show, it will tell you whether streaming to your TV is an option.


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