How to Change the Icons on the Home Screen of the iPhone

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How to Change the Icons on the Home Screen of the iPhone. A nice way to personalize your iPhone is by customizing the appearance of the home screen. A variety of icons with different functions are included and immediately available for your use on the iPhone, such as the calendar, text message feature, iPod music and video player and web browser. Follow a few simple steps to change and rearrange the way the icons appear on your home screen.


Step 1

Change the layout of the icons on the home screen by touching and holding any icon on the home screen until all of the icons appear to shake. You can then change the location of each of the icons by dragging it across the screen. Once the icons are in the position you like, tap on the "Home" icon to save this new layout.


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Step 2

Generate additional home screen layouts if there are several icons that you use often and to which you would like quick access but will not fit on the primary home screen. As you are arranging icons on the home screen, drag one of the icons to the right, making a motion off the edge of the screen. A new home screen will appear and you can continue to drag icons back and forth from this screen by dragging them towards the left and right edges.


Step 3

Switch to alternate home screens by making a flicking motion to the right or left on each side of the iPod home screens. The iPhone allows you to make up to an additional 8 home screens. There are small dots lined up along the bottom of the home screen indicating how many you have created and the numeral of the screen you are currently viewing.


Step 4

Add links to the home screen of pages of websites you visit often. These links are referred to as "web clips" on the iPhone and have the same appearance as regular icons. They are designed to display the specific portion of the page of the website you were viewing when you created the icon.


Step 5

Create a web clip in the Safari web browser on the iPhone by clicking on the "Add" icon and then the "Screen" icon as you are viewing the specific page of the website you want to save. Before it is saved, the iPhone will ask you to give it a name that is no longer than 10 characters. You can delete web clips from the home screen by holding down on any icon and then tapping the small "X" that appears in the corner of the web clip icon.


Return your iPhone to the default home screen layout at any time by tapping on "General" under "Settings," tapping "Reset" and then "Reset Home Screen Layout."