How to Create Multiple Email Accounts

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There are varied reasons why you might need to create multiple email accounts. You might need a personal account and a business account. You might want to use one email account for fun and games, while another is solely for correspondence between you and your family and friends. Some people use extra email accounts to route spam and forward messages from different sources to one address. Because of all of the free email account services online, it is very easy to create several different email accounts to serve your needs.


Step 1

Figure out your standard email profile so that you can just use the same information for each account. You will be asked for a user name, name, password, location, birth date and gender. Some services will ask for additional details, such as your preferences and information that you would like to be updated about (such as business news, technology, home improvement and other).


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Step 2

Start off by signing up for a Yahoo! mail account, as this is one of the most popular and easy-to-use services. If your desired user name isn't accepted, you can either choose from the list of suggested alternatives or create a new one. Enter two security questions and answers and the required security code to open the account. Take note of your account information for future reference.



Step 3

Repeat the process for each of the other services on your list, which might include,, or AOL mail. You can also just create additional email addresses using different user names in the same web-based mail system, so that you can have a series of email address under the same server (for example, user1@yahoo, user2@yahoo, user3@yahoo).




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