How to Import Email Into Microsoft Outlook

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If you are a Microsoft Outlook user you can import your e-mail messages from other e-mail accounts such as Yahoo!, Gmail or Hotmail into Outlook. Performing this task itself will take a short amount of time and there is not a charge for this service. You are, however, required to configure your e-mail accounts into Microsoft Outlook by adding the e-mail accounts to Outlook before you can import e-mail messages.

Configuring and Adding E-mail Accounts

Step 1

Open Microsoft Outlook. Select "Email Accounts" found under the Outlook Tools Menu.

Step 2

Choose "Add a New Email Account" and select "Next." Choose "POP3" found in the "Server Type" dialog box, then select "Next."

Step 3

Type in the name you wish to display to other users when sending e-mail messages in the text box under "Name." Type in your complete e-mail address in the "E-mail Address" text box in the following format: (the domain is yahoo, gmail, hotmail, etc.).

Step 4

Complete the server information. For incoming mail type "" without quotation marks. Use the same domain name used in step 3. For outgoing mail type "" (without quotation marks).

Step 5

Type in your user name, i.e., "yourname" (without quotation marks) in the User Name text box . Type in your current password for this account in the Password text box. Leave the "Remember Password" check box selected. Select "Next" then "Finish."

Repeat Steps 1-5 for each Internet e-mail account you wish to add and import messages into Outlook from that account.

Importing E-mail Messages to Outlook

Step 1

Select "Import and Export" in the Outlook File Menu. Select "Import Internet Mail and Addresses" found in the Import and Export dialog box.

Step 2

Select the e-mail account in which to import e-mail messages into Outlook from the list of programs.

Step 3

Remove the check in the check box next to "Import Address Book." You are only importing e-mail messages. Select "Next" then select "Finish."

Repeat Steps 1-3 for each account's e-mail messages you wish to import.