Directions for Using a Motorola T505 Bluetooth Device

By Andrew Tennyson

Learn how to set up and begin using the Motorola T505 speakerphone unit with your mobile device and car stereo.

Things You'll Need

  • Cell phone
  • Bluetooth
  • Phone charger
  • Bluetooth charger

The Motorola T505 is designed to work as a speakerphone unit for your smartphone, tablet or car stereo. In order to use the T505, first you need to pair it with your mobile device or stereo. After it's paired, use the T505's onboard controls to manipulate audio and phone calls.

Pair the T505 With Your Mobile Device

Step 1

Press and hold the Power button on the T505 for at least three seconds or until the main indicator light on the device flashes and an audio alert plays through its speaker. When these events take place, the T505 is set to discoverable mode and is ready to be paired.

Step 2

Launch the Settings app on your smartphone or tablet and tap Bluetooth to open the Bluetooth configuration screen.

Step 3

Enable Bluetooth functionality.

Touch the Bluetooth switch to enable Bluetooth functionality on the device, if it's not already enabled.

Step 4

Select the T505 and enter the pairing code 0000.

Select the T505 on the list of available Bluetooth devices, confirm the pairing request if prompted to do so, and then enter 0000 if your mobile device requests a pairing code.


Images are from a Samsung smartphone running the Google Android 5.0 operating system. Although these images differ from devices running the iOS and Windows Phone operating systems, the process for enabling Bluetooth and pairing external devices is the same on all platforms.

Pair the T505 With a Bluetooth Car Stereo

How you pair the T505 with a Bluetooth-enabled car stereo varies considerably depending on the make and model of the stereo. Some stereos must first be paired with a mobile device with cellular functionality before they work with the T505. Others can simply use the T505 as an external speaker.

Start by holding down the Power button on the T505 for at least three seconds or until the main indicator light on the device flashes and an audio alert plays. These events indicate that the T505 is ready to be paired.

Next, enable Bluetooth on your stereo. On some car stereos, you can skip this step as Bluetooth is always turned on by default. On others there will be a Bluetooth button you press. Still other stereos have a dedicated Bluetooth menu you access to enable functionality.

When Bluetooth is enabled on both devices, access the Bluetooth menu on your stereo's screen and select the T505 on the list of available devices. Enter 0000 as the pairing code if prompted to do so.


After pairing your Bluetooth device or stereo with the T505, the speakerphone unit automatically begins playing any audio coming from the mobile device or through your car stereo. This includes both music and phone calls.

Press the Play/Pause button on the T505 to start and stop audio playback. Use the volume buttons on the sides of the T505 to increase or decrease playback volume. Press the Call button to start or stop phone calls.