How to Connect a Telephone to a Mercedes Benz Radio System

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Talk hands free when your cell phone is synced to your Mercedes.

To connect your cell phone to your Mercedes radio, you must have a cell phone with Bluetooth capability and a Mercedes with the Bluetooth feature. Most Mercedes vehicles from 2006 and newer have the capability. Using Bluetooth with your Mercedes allows you to answer the phone using steering wheel controls and talk on the phone through the car's audio system. This lets you talk hands-free and does not require a Bluetooth ear piece.


Step 1

Turn on Bluetooth on your phone. Your Mercedes will not be able to locate your phone

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Step 2

Turn on your Mercedes, so you can operate the screen on your dashboard.

Step 3

Select the "TEL" menu on the main page, then select "Telephone," then select "Phone List," then select "Update." The Mercedes computer will now begin searching for a phone in range. The search could take a few minutes.


Step 4

Select the newly added phone and confirm your selection. The newly added phone will not have a check mark next to it.

Step 5

Enter the Bluetooth passcode by selecting "Options" then "Authorise." Enter a four- to 16-digit number on the screen. You can use any number of your choice. Select "OK" in the bottom right corner when you are finished. You will then see a prompt on your cell phone asking you to enter the same passcode. Refer to the link under "References" to get the exact directions for your cell phone. You can select your cell phone on the left side of the website.


The Phone List on your Mercedes screen will list your phone number when the sync is complete.




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