How do I Connect a Bluetooth Phone to an Infiniti M35?

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In-vehicle Bluetooth allows users to talk and drive.

Bluetooth connections enable cell phone users to receive calls and talk using a headset. With in-vehicle Bluetooth, such as in the Infiniti M35, users can connect and talk through the car speakers. The Infiniti M35 design automatically pairs a user's phone to Infiniti's voice recognition system, allowing up to five cell phones to be paired. In-vehicle Bluetooth provides a safe and convenient solutions for drivers.


Step 1

Push the "Phone" button located on the steering wheel. The phone button allows you to make calls over Bluetooth once paired.

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Step 2

Select "Pair Phone" on the Infiniti display screen. Pairing allows you to use your cell phone to connect to Bluetooth and use Infiniti's voice recognition system.


Step 3

Select "Add New." You will be given a PIN code. This code will be used to identify your phone each time you enter the car.

Step 4

Use your cell phone's Bluetooth setup to enter the code to complete pairing. Each cell phone Bluetooth setup is different, so be sure to consult your cell phone manual for instructions.


Step 5

Register your phonebook. From the "Settings" menu, select the "Phone" key and select "Phonebook" to add up to 40 contacts. Then select "Add New" to add a new contact.


Step 6

Select "Transfer via Bluetooth." Transferring via Bluetooth will enable you to register your cell phone memory to the car's phonebook, allowing you to transfer names and phone numbers.


Step 7

Set voice tags. Voice tagging enables you to dial a person's phone number using voice commands. Speak the name and a voice tag will be set.

Step 8

Make a phone call. Select the "Phone" button and your cell phone's phonebook will appear. Select the person you wish to call and begin talking. Your cell phone has now been paired and you can make and receive phone calls.

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