How do I Connect a Telephone to the Mercedes Benz E Class?

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The Mercedes E-Class is a mid-size sedan that is larger than the C-Class and smaller than the S-Class. An E-Class with Bluetooth allows you to connect your phone to the car. You can answer the phone using a button on the steering wheel and talk on the phone using the car stereo speakers while you are driving. This lets you focus on driving instead of operating your cell phone.


Step 1

Turn on your Mercedes so that the center screen near the radio turns on.


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Step 2

Press the "Tel" button on your radio to view the Telephone menu on the display screen. Select "Telephone," "Bluetooth Telephones," "Update," "Options," then "External Authorization."


Step 3

Turn on your cell phone's Bluetooth so that your phone will look for a Bluetooth device. The steps for turning on Bluetooth is different for each cell phone model.


Step 4

Select your Mercedes once your phone discovers the car's Bluetooth. "MB Bluetooth" should appear on your cell phone screen. Select "Yes" when the screen asks you "Authorize my telephone?" on your Mercedes display screen.


Step 5

Enter a 4 to 16 digit passcode into your Mercedes screen when prompted. You can choose any combination of numbers. Select "OK" when you are finished.


Step 6

Enter the same passcode on your cell phone when prompted. Choose to connect the device once you are finished inputting your code. You should see a message on your cell phone confirming the connection once the two devices are connected.

Things You'll Need

  • Mercedes E-Class with Bluetooth

  • Cell phone with Bluetooth