Does the iPhone Have an SD Card Slot?

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The iPhone lets you access email and the Internet as well as make calls.

From applications to digital music, the Apple iPhone combines the convenience of a pocket computer and cellular telephone all in one device. The phone, known as a smartphone, contains an LCD touch screen, 4 Gigabytes or more of memory and built-in wireless Internet and Bluetooth technology. The iPhone also includes a 30-pin dock connector that lets you transfer content from your computer to the phone as well as charge the phone.


SecureDigital Card

The iPhone does not contain a SecureDigital card slot. You cannot transfer content to the device using an SD card or SD card adapter. The iPhone only contains a 30-pin dock connector that is not compatible with an SD card.


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Transferring Data Via Dock Connector

You can, however, transfer data to your iPhone via its 30-pin dock connector. Plug the 30-pin connector into the bottom of your iPhone, then plug the Universal Serial Bus end of the connector into any available USB port on your computer. Your computer will recognize the iPhone and open iTunes for transferring content to the device.


Transferring Data Via Wireless

You can also transfer data, ringtones, files and other content, to your iPhone via the device's wireless (Wi-Fi) or Bluetooth connection. The content transfer time varies depending on Wi-Fi speed — data plan or Bluetooth strength. This transfer process is completely wireless and completed without the use of your computer.



Your iPhone comes bundled with the 30-pin dock connector cable for transferring data as well as specific instructions on how to connect the cable. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology are built into the device and don't require any additional equipment.


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