Dot: The Physical Push Notification

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We hear jargon like "context-aware," "location-based," and "push notifications" all the time. But often it all just sounds like, well... jargon. Dot is a Kickstarter project that makes it all feel a little more real.

Imagine a situation where your phone knew your exact location in your house at any given moment, and could send you highly relevant notifications based on your location. And could start apps you commonly needed in that spot. That's what Dot does. It's a tiny location beacon that makes your phone smarter.

Dot's developers say that when combined with an app on your smartphone, Dot can send you smart reminders based on your location—reminders that you leave for yourself or that others leave for you. Imagine, for example, creating a Dot virtual "post-it" to take out the trash when you walk into the kitchen. The next time your spouse goes for a glass of milk, he or she will be pinged with a reminder to take out the trash. Just like that, you've taken passive-aggresssive behavior into the digital age!

Seriously, the ability to leave reminders for yourself or others in the precise location where you need something to happen is pretty cool—and Dot does other things, too. You can set your phone to launch apps you commonly use in specific rooms. Start music automatically when you enter the living room, for example, or start your Kindle when you step into the bathroom.

Each Dot is small, sticks to the wall, and has a six-month battery life. The plan is to make Dots part of a larger ecosystem of other apps and smart home devices. The idea seems very practical, and it looks like a lot of fun, too.

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Campaign ends: 9/20/2016