How to View Facebook Without an Account

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Facebook is primarily designed for users to create accounts to host their social-networking profiles and interact with others on the site. If you don't register an account on Facebook, many user profiles will remain completely invisible to you. Even after you register, certain profiles require you to share a mutual friend with the person to see anything. However, some of the content on Facebook pages and other profiles on the site is visible even if you do not have an account.


Step 1

Visit the Google search engine. You can search for a site or a Facebook profile by entering the name of the site or profile and adding "facebook" to your search query. If a Facebook fan page exists for the query subject, it will likely appear in the first page of Google results.


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Step 2

Visit one of your favorite sites. Many sites will advertise prominently a link to their Facebook page, with a large "Facebook" or "Fan" button. Click this button to reach the Facebook page for the site.


Step 3

Click one of the tabs on the left side of the page. Many Facebook fan pages for bands, businesses and other organizations will allow you to browse their Facebook content even without a profile.



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