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Microsoft Publisher 2010 is one of the applications included in the widely used Microsoft Office Suite. This program specializes in creating multiple object publications. Publisher is fairly easy to understand for first time users due to its relatively simple graphical user interface (GUI). However, it also has a comprehensive set of features. Publications made from Publisher can range from simple letters to multi-page professional reports.



MS Publisher has a wide-ranging set of text tools. In addition to the fonts present in every program under the Microsoft Office Suite, MS Publisher 2010 features OpenType typography. This allows users to use built in stylistic text such as old script letterheads or create a custom style text. In addition, the personal profiles feature of Publisher allows users to save business information -- name, address and phone number -- for use in future publications.


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A user can add a variety of objects on an MS Publisher file such as images, borders and links. Every aspect of these objects can be edited: size, colors and orientation. For images in particular, MS Publisher has a built in professional image editing tool. Similar to other technical image software, Publisher's image tool allows users to add layered images, embed objects into images and filter images. MS Publisher also comes with a logo creation wizard -- a step-by-step user friendly process to create clean professional logos.



For first time users, Publisher comes with thousands of templates to start off a new design. Publisher can also divide the publication into different segments or cells allowing users to put each object accurately on the page. Technical design tools include outlining, shadowing, drop caps, special font effects and gradient fills. Publisher allows users to view a full page editable preview prior to printing. Users can add on final touches, change overall page layouts and adjust print settings before publication.



MS Publisher can create publications in multiple formats. These formats include postcards, monthly newsletters, annual business reports, certificates and Web pages. Publications can be saved as commonly used offline files such as .pdf, .xps, .jpeg and .png. Publications can also be directly sent online. For example, Publisher can work directly in tangent with email management software to send out millions of company reports and newsletters seamlessly. Publisher can do this independently as well: the Ribbon functionality in Publisher stores multiple contact information directly into Publisher for quick mass sending.



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