How Can I Get Faster Download Speeds with Bitlord?

Downloads can take a very long time if you don't adjust a few settings.

Bitlord is file-sharing software that uses torrents to provide access to downloads. The faster your Internet connection, the faster you can download. Direct downloads from the web are limited by the upload speed of the source. Torrents circumvent this problem by breaking downloads into chunks and receiving pieces of the file from multiple sources at once, which increases overall download speed. Bitlord speeds can be adversely affected by Internet usage and the presence of firewalls.

Step 1

Reduce the upload speed. The maximum speed depends on the type of connection, (DSL, Cable, etc,) and the level of service you subscribe to. Its bandwidth is shared with download speed, and if the value is set too high, Bitlord will temporarily slow down. Click "Edit," "Preferences," then "Bandwidth." Look for "Maximum Upload Speed," which is set to -1, the default for Unlimited. Click the up arrow, and increase it to no more than 80 percent of your total upload bandwidth. Ask your Internet Service Provider if you do not know your upload/download rate.

Step 2

Reduce the download limit. The download limit forces Bitlord to keep simultaneous downloads below a specified number. If too many files are downloading at once, each will slow to a crawl. Click "Edit," "Preferences," then "Queue." Under "Active Torrents," change "Total Active" to a smaller number. The two values below that, "Total Active Downloading" and "Total Active Seeding," must add up to the number above.

Step 3

Open ports in your firewall. A firewall protects your computer from attacks, but can also prevent Bitlord from working properly. If you are behind a firewall, Bitlord will function at a slower pace, due to the firewall's ability to block incoming connections. Bitlord uses a port, similar to an opening, that is identified by a specific number. Go to "Edit," "Preferences," then "Network." Un-check "Use Random Ports," and enter a range between 49152 and 65535. The default range, 6881 to 6889, gets blocked or throttled by many Internet Service Providers. Click "Apply" to confirm the changes.

Step 4

Stop all Internet usage while Bitlord is running. Your total bandwidth is divided among all programs that utilize the Internet. This means if you are browsing the web, there isn't as much bandwidth available for your downloads. Shut down any pages that need a lot of bandwidth, especially things like streaming audio or video. If you are on a network, ask other users not to use the Internet until your downloads are complete.


If your download speed is less than 1 MB/s, change "Maximum Connections" to 200 or less. Too many connections will cause Bitlord to struggle if your Internet is not fast enough to keep up.

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