How Do I Add Music to My LG Cell Phone?

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Upgraded multimedia amenities on most LG cell phones allow them to be used as media players. Most users are aware that music can be purchased through the phone's service provider via mobile Internet. But music can also be added to the phone with a mobile memory card. The card enables you to access added music on your LG cell phone. This route also eliminates incurring additional media charges on your monthly bill.


Step 1

Place the phone's memory card inside a card-reading adapter for insertion into a computer.

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Step 2

Insert the card-reading adapter into a computer's ExpressCard slot. The computer runs the memory card and displays its AutoPlay window once it is detected.


Step 3

Click the "Open Folders to View Files in Windows Explorer" action in the AutoPlay window. A pop-up dialog window opens and displays the memory card's internal memory and folders.

Step 4

Select the "Music" or "Audio" folder that will be displayed in the window. If you do not have music currently stored on the memory card, the folder will be empty.


Step 5

Locate the computer folder where your music files are stored on the computer. Click the music files you want to add to the LG cell phone.


Step 6

Drag the selected files to the memory card's "Music" or "Audio" folder window. The music files appear in the folder after they have been transferred. Repeat the drag action for all the music files you want to add for the LG phone.


Step 7

Remove the card-reading adapter from the computer and take the memory card out of the adapter.

Step 8

Place the memory card back into the LG phone's memory card port. When you power the phone on, simply access the phone's media folder or content manager. All of the music files saved to the memory card will appear on the phone. You will then be able to access and play back the music on the LG phone.



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