How to Add Music Files to Foobar2000

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How to Add Music Files to Foobar2000. Adding files to foobar2000 is a snap. Despite the program's wide array of features and powerful functionality, it remains a user-friendly and intuitive audio program that makes importing audio files from any source a relatively painless process. Here are a few steps to aid you in the process.


Step 1

Open foobar2000. You can do this by clicking on the program's desktop icon or by finding it in the Programs list of the Start Menu.

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Step 2

Open the File menu from the program's main window.


Step 3

Choose what type of audio files you'll be adding to foobar2000. If you're going to add individual files, click on either "Open..." or "Add files..." After selecting your drive, foobar2000 will give you the choice of ripping, playing or adding the CD to your playlist, which can be nice if you don't actually want to play the CD, but would only like to rip it for backup purposes.


Step 4

Add an entire CD by clicking on "Open Audio CD..." This will open albums held by actual CDs as well as album images mounted with a drive emulator like Daemon Tools or Alcohol 120%.


Step 5

Add an entire directory of files by clicking on "Add directory..." This is really helpful if, for instance, you've backed up your entire music collection to an external hard drive and would like to add all of the files to foobar2000, since you won't be forced to hunt through each of the subdirectories for the files you want.



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