How to Transfer VLC Music Files to Windows Media Player

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VLC Media Player is a type of audio and video playing computer program that is available for all operating systems. It is great for playing media files, but pales in comparison to other programs in terms of storing and organizing files. If you want to import the files you've been playing in VLC Media Player over to Windows Media Player, you need only to add these files to Windows Media Player's library.


Step 1

Open Windows Media Player. An icon for this program is available by clicking on the "Start" menu and selecting "All Programs" (or just "Programs" if you use an older version of the Windows operating system).

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Step 2

Click on the small arrow located beneath the "Library" tab at the top of the Windows Media Player program window. This will cause a drop-down menu to appear on screen. Select the option that reads "Add to Library."

Step 3

Select the option that reads "My Personal Folders." This option will allow you to select a directory from which you want to import audio files into your Windows Media Player library.

Step 4

Click on the option that reads "Advanced Options."



Step 5

Click "Add." This will allow you to select a directory containing your VLC music files that you want to import into Windows Media Player. Select the name of the folder from your hard drive.

Step 6

Click "OK." This will tell Windows Media Player to add the contents of the folder to your library. Windows Media Player will also continue to monitor the folder, so that every time you add a file to it it will automatically update Windows Media Player library.




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